The Newport Rifle Club requires all members to join the National Rifle Association.

NRA membership is a requirement that is written in our bylaws.

The Newport Rifle Club benefits greatly by requiring 100% NRA membership.
In 1994, we received a $100,000 interest-free 20 year loan to upgrade our indoor range.
That loan would revert to interest bearing if we were to let our status lapse.
Also, we have received $18,000 in NRA grants to improve our outdoor range by being 100% NRA.

All NRC members are required to renew their NRA membership through the club.
All NRC members save $10 on each one year renewal.
The Newport Rifle Club receives a $5 rebate on each NRA membership renewal.

You may renew at any time during the year by making a check payable to the NRA for $25 and dropping it in the range box along with the mailing label from your NRA magazine.
If you cannot find a recent magazine, write your name, address, NRA number and magazine choice (American Hunter, American Rifleman, America’s 1st Freedom) on a piece of paper and attach to the check.
If it is inconvenient to stop by the range, mail it to:

Bob King
200 John Kesson Lane
Middletown, RI 02842

Junior members under the age of 18 follow the same instructions except make check amount $15.

Members may only renew one year at a time.

Here are the download links to the Newport Rifle Club application forms and the Policies and Procedures manual.

NRC Membership Application Side 1

NRC Membership Application Side 2

NRC Policies and Procedures