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Practical Pistol November Results

Hello All,

The results are in!

Scott Cook took Overall and Open +10 Division
Rick Paiva took the Double Stack Division
Paul Donovan took the Open -10 Division
Beth Devlin took the Single Stack Division

4 of the 5 Divisions will have trophies decided from the results of the last match.

Chris Schubert and Jim May are battling for 3rd in the Double Stack Division
Ray Palmieri and Joe Pattie are battling for 3rd in the Open +10 Division
Bob King and Beth Devlin are locked in the ultimate struggle for 1st place in the Single Stack Division
We have the potential for a tie and subsequent shoot out for 1st place in Revolver too!

The December Match will be quite the event!

See you there!

NRC Practical Nov 18 2017 Results By Stage

NRC Practical Pistol 2017 Championship Points

Practical Pistol August Results

Hi All!

The August Edition of Practical Pistol was held on Saturday the 12th.

Scott Cook won Overall and the Open +10 division
Wayne Andersen won in the Double Stack division
Kevin Mathis won a hotly contested Open -10 division
Justin Clougher won in the Single Stack division

Here is the stage breakout:

NRC Practical Aug 12 2017 Results By Stage

Here are the 2017 Championship points through August:

NRC Practical Pistol 2017 Championship Points

See you in September!

Naval War College Hosts 1st President’s Cup at Newport Rifle Club

The Naval War College recently held its first target shooting competition at the Newport Rifle Club.

Twenty shooters used .22 caliber semiautomatic pistols in a 30-shot course of slow and rapid fire.
The competition is part of the Naval War College’s President’s Cup, an intramural series of sporting events aimed at encouraging physical fitness and esprit de corps.
Spread throughout the year, the roughly 20 competitions include such diverse sports as soccer, golf, 5-K run, rock climbing, swimming, hockey, polo, sailing, target shooting and basketball.
The President’s Cup competition pits teams of students from the College of Naval Warfare, the College of Naval Command and Staff and the NWC faculty and staff against each other.
In the shooting event, the top four scores from each team were averaged. Here are the results of the target shooting competition:

NWC Staff and Faculty – 224
College of Naval Command and Staff – 210
College of Naval Warfare – 193

Both CAPT Patrick Keyes, USN, Dean of Students, and LTC Dave Spees, USA, a student at the War College and Newport Rifle Club member, who helped organize the shooting competition, said they would like to see the event become a regular part of the President’s Cup. Steve Forand, on the War College faculty and a Newport Rifle Club member, also helped organize the competition.

Pictured are members of the Naval War College who participated recently in their first target shooting competition, along with Newport Rifle Club members who helped with the event at the club. Far right is CAPT Patrick Keyes, USN, Dean of Students at the college. Third from left is LTC Spees, USA, a student at the War College who organized the event.