Robin Kasckow, left, Newport Rifle Club chief instructor, coaches Lisa Knowles of Middletown at a recent women-only firearms safety and marksmanship session. Pistol safety class for women held at Newport Rifle Club Newport Rifle Club recently held its third free pistol safety and shooting skills session for women only.

Eight women participated in the two-hour, hands-on class, the maximum number the indoor range accommodates. The idea for the training came from one of the club’s female members, who pointed out the growing number of women at the club who are new to shooting. Female membership began growing about 10 years ago and has now reached approximately 20 percent of the club’s 700 members.

Founded in 1876, Newport Rifle Club is the oldest continuously operating gun club in the US. The club provides a wide range of safety, marksmanship and firearms care training for youth and adults and offers a number of competitions within the club and throughout the state. General and membership information can be found at