Naval War College Hosts 1st President’s Cup at Newport Rifle Club

The Naval War College recently held its first target shooting competition at the Newport Rifle Club.

Twenty shooters used .22 caliber semiautomatic pistols in a 30-shot course of slow and rapid fire.
The competition is part of the Naval War College’s President’s Cup, an intramural series of sporting events aimed at encouraging physical fitness and esprit de corps.
Spread throughout the year, the roughly 20 competitions include such diverse sports as soccer, golf, 5-K run, rock climbing, swimming, hockey, polo, sailing, target shooting and basketball.
The President’s Cup competition pits teams of students from the College of Naval Warfare, the College of Naval Command and Staff and the NWC faculty and staff against each other.
In the shooting event, the top four scores from each team were averaged. Here are the results of the target shooting competition:

NWC Staff and Faculty – 224
College of Naval Command and Staff – 210
College of Naval Warfare – 193

Both CAPT Patrick Keyes, USN, Dean of Students, and LTC Dave Spees, USA, a student at the War College and Newport Rifle Club member, who helped organize the shooting competition, said they would like to see the event become a regular part of the President’s Cup. Steve Forand, on the War College faculty and a Newport Rifle Club member, also helped organize the competition.

Pictured are members of the Naval War College who participated recently in their first target shooting competition, along with Newport Rifle Club members who helped with the event at the club. Far right is CAPT Patrick Keyes, USN, Dean of Students at the college. Third from left is LTC Spees, USA, a student at the War College who organized the event.

NRC Pistol Safety In The News

Seated from the left, Seth Bousquet, his mom, Samantha, and Taylor Brown and her mother, Angela Mandia, listen to Newport Rifle Club Chief Instructor Robin Kasckow talk about firearms safety.

MIDDLETOWN – Newport Rifle Club’s last Basic Pistol class until October was a first. It was the first time a parent and son or daughter have taken the class at the same time. Along with five others, Samantha Bousquet and her son Seth, 13, of North Smithfield and Angela Mandia and her daughter, Taylor Brown, of Portsmouth took the all-day class recently in the club’s new combined classroom and air-rifle range.

Basic Pistol is geared toward people with little or no experience with handguns. Among other things, the hands-on instruction covers firearm and range safety, pistol and ammunition knowledge, basic marksmanship, target scoring, pistol selection, pistol cleaning, safe storage and firearms transportation laws. For safety and individualized training, each student has his or her own one-on-one instructor for the live-fire portion of the course.

Newport Rifle Club offers Basic Pistol at least half a dozen times a year with several classes for women only. For information about Basic Pistol and other classes go to Newport Rifle Club Instruction.

Newport Rifle Club is the oldest continuously operating gun club in the US. It was founded in 1876 by W. Milton Farrow, one of the finest long-distance rifle shots in the world at the time.

The club usually has a waiting list for membership, which is capped at 700, but currently has a few openings. See Newport Rifle Club Membership for all the details.

Newport Rifle Club has a nine-port 100-yard outdoor range and an eight-port 50-foot indoor range with a HEPA filtration system for air purity. The club provides a wide range of safety, marksmanship and firearms-care training for youth and adults and offers a number of competitions within the club and throughout the state.

2017 Dr. Paul Houston Memorial Shoot

The 2017 Dr. Paul Houston Memorial Pistol Shoot

Sponsored by Island Gun Shop

Held at the Newport Rifle Club, 360 Wyatt Road, Middletown

Saturday, March 25th , 11am to 2pm

Open to all Rhode Island and Mass. gun club members and their guests

$10 entry fee
$10 reentry fee
18 years and under $5 entry
$5 reentry

All entry fees go to the Newport Rifle Club Junior Rifle Team Scholarship Fund


First place ($200) $100 cash AND $100 gift certificate to Island Gun Shop

Second place ($100) $50 cash AND $50 gift certificate to Island Gun Shop

To be raffled to participants:

Black powder pistol x2 ($50 each)
Gift cards to Brick Alley Pub in Newport
4 gift certificates for twin lobster rolls at Easton’s Beach Snack bar
1 gift certificate to Domino’s Pizza ($50)
1 gift certificate to 15 Point Road ($25)
5 bundles of $20 NRC range cards
And more!


Iron sights only (no lasers, no red dots) colored filament iron sights OK

Any caliber allowed on the indoor range (no 5.7×28, .17 HMR, .17 Mach 2, .22WMR)

Handgun must be capable of holding at least 5 rounds in its magazine

1 or 2 handed shooting (standing) allowed. No supplemental support allowed.

You may reenter as often as courteous participation allows. Only your high score for the day counts towards awards. You will receive an additional raffle ticket each time you reenter.


3 minute, dry fire only, preparation period

Slow fire stage – 10 shots in 5 minutes on the B-29 silhouette at 50 feet

Timed fire stage – 2 strings of 5 shots, 20 seconds per string on the B-3 Bulls eye target at 50 feet An “alibi string” will be allowed if your gun malfunctions.

20 shots total per course of fire with a possible score of 200 / 20 X

Steve’s Famous Pizza will be served! Including the phenomenal Coney Island Pizza

No need to preregister, each line takes less than 15 minutes.

All fees go to NRC Junior Rifle Scholarship Fund.


Questions? Contact Bob King: 401-847-5678 or