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Muzzle Control

Muzzle Heads

Winner of the fifth annual Newport Rifle Club muzzleloader championship match October 17 is John Camisa, center, of Portsmouth. Second was Roy Lauth, right, of Newport and third was Dan Bartholomew, left, of Middletown.
It was an extremely close contest this year, with only one point separating first and second places.
Competitors fired replicas of percussion cap rifles used between 1823 and 1870 when they were replaced by cartridge-firing guns. Targets were at distances of 25, 50 and 100 yards. Great shooting Guys!

Here are the results:

1. John Camisa 128 with 2x
2. Roy Lauth 127
3. Dan Bartholomew 119
4. Bob King 116 with 1x
5. Paul Dutra 92 with 2x
Outstanding 25 yard target Paul Dutra 48 with 2x
Outstanding 50 yard target John Camisa 45 with 2x
Outstanding 100 yard target Roy Lauth 42