From the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition:
On Thursday (Feb 6) the House will be sending two Firearms bills to the floor to be voted on. H7102 Sub A. the 3D and Ghost Gun bill, and H7103 Sub A. the firearms purchase reporting bill. We are asking people to go to the State House and wear Yellow to show opposition to these bills. Once again we had to fight against further “gun control” because of the tragic criminal acts of some gang members from New York.
Through the very hard work of our firearms team, the RI 2nd Amendment Coalition, the RI Revolver and Rifle Association, the Federated and the RIFOL, we were able to get amendments made to the bill to protect some gunsmithing. The second bill, namely the purchase reporting bill, is a change and/or clarification of the law, which we are neutral on. This bill could have been much better if we were allowed to have a say on it.
We are also asking people to continue to step up, volunteer, get
involved and most importantly think about running for Political Office! If you are sick and tired of “lip service” from so-called second amendment politicians, then do something about it and run for their seat!
Thank you to everyone who attended the rally at the state house. If you saw the pictures posted on the internet, we had the placed packed! They shut us down and closed the doors at 6:30 pm! This was due to the overwhelming number of our Yellow Shirts. We were reaching the capacity of the state house. THANK YOU!!!! Stay tuned, we will be holding more informational sessions and posting more information on the web. Please feel free to message any one of the groups to help get more involved.