2016 IN house league rules

Suggested due dates for scored targets are listed below. You may shoot ahead of schedule so as to accommodate your personal commitments. All targets need to be finished by March 14th so that there is time for tabulation prior to the chili dinner.

Week 1 Jan. 4

Week 2 Jan. 11

Week 3 Jan. 18

Week 4 Jan. 25

Week 5 Feb. 1

Week 6 Feb. 8

Week 7 Feb. 17

Week 8 Feb. 22

Week 9 Mar. 1

Week 10 Mar. 8


.22 National Match Course
Iron Sights or Red Dot Sights
10 shots in 10 minutes on the B-2 target at 50 feet
10 shots timed fire in 2 strings of 5 shots 20 seconds each on B-3 at 50 feet
10 shots rapid fire in 2 strings of 5 shots 10 seconds each on B-3 at 50 feet
1 alibi per week

Center Fire Slow Fire
30 shots in 30 minutes
10 shots per B-2 target

Double Action and Single Action Revolver
Same timing as .22 National Match Course
No alibis allowed, iron sights only
Shot on silhouette targets


.22 Defense Pistol
Iron sights only – No Red Dots
6 – 5 shot strings of 10 seconds each
10 shots per target on 3 silhouettes
No alibis allowed

Center Fire Defense Pistol
Iron sights or laser projection sights – No red dots
6 – 5 shot strings of 10 seconds each
10 shots per target on 3 silhouettes
No alibis allowed

NEW for 2016!
.22 Rimfire Rifle
30 shots in 30 minutes, 10 shots per B-2 target.
.22 Rimfire rifle Standing position, any sights, no slings, no shooting jackets
22 short , 22 long and 22 long rifle cartridges only


Shooters 65 years and older may use any type of sighting system for any discipline.
All disciplines are 30 shots per week for 10 weeks.
All disciplines are 10 shots per target (except air pistol which is 5 shots per bull).
All official targets will be punched with a hole.
Do not use these punched targets for practice!
All official targets should be stapled together and the top target should have your name, week number, TOTAL for the 30 shots, and the name of your discipline. See the example on the wall in the lobby at the club.


This will be done by one secretary to reduce errors and confusion.
When in doubt, score a close shot as the higher score. You may use a scoring plug if you wish. Score the standard bulls-eye target as you would normally.
Score the silhouette targets using the scoring rings. Also, score 6 points for each shot outside of the scoring rings but hitting the black. There is one alibi string allowed per week in the National Match Course. Make sure that you count the 10 lowest hits on the paper.
Center fire is defined as a pistol with a center primer. You may shoot a .25 caliber center fire . You may use as many pistols as you like for each discipline provided that they meet the requirements of the discipline. You may cock a double action revolver to shoot in Single Action Revolver. You will be grouped according to ability. Minimum size of teams will be 3 with a maximum of 10 on a team. 1st place shooter (after 10 weeks) will receive 30% of the team monies, When teams are 6 or more, 2nd place will receive $10. Prizes will be distributed at the chili dinner.Any remaining funds will be raffled at the chili dinner. You will receive 1 ticket per discipline entered. You must attend the dinner to win the raffle (last year we had SIX, $50 winners).

If you have any questions or problems, contact me at 847-5678 or nrcbob@cox.net

Have fun!

Bob King