Practical Pistol May Results

Practical Pistol May Results

Rick Paiva won Overall and Open Division

Mick Souza won in the Double Stack Division

Kevin Mathis won in the Single Stack Division

For 2019 we have combined the Open +10 and Open -10 divisions into 1 division called Open Division. We have also combined the Revolver and Single Stack divisions into 1 division called Single Stack.

Practical Pistol Postponed

Practical Pistol scheduled for tomorrow April 20 is postponed. We will send out an email and determine when we can reschedule. Sorry for the inconvenience.

December Practical Pistol and Championship Results

Hello All!

Merry Christmas To All!

Ok, first off I want to apologize for making 2 mistakes in scoring some of the results right after the match. I was hurrying to hand out trophies and made 2 errors.

First I made an error on Beth’s scoresheet. When I corrected it, it resulted in her winning the December Single Stack division. It didn’t affect the Championship outcome.
Then I made a mistake on Mick’s scoresheet. When I corrected it, it resulted in a 3rd place finish in the December match. This one did however affect the Championship standings. Congrats Mick on your 3rd place finish for the season. Sorry Jim, you came in 4th. Jim, can you please bring the 3rd place trophy to the club for Mick? Again my sincerest apologies for these errors and the inconvenience they caused.

Ok back to the December results.

Scott Cook won Overall and the Open +10 division
Rob Beebe won in the Double Stack division
Paul Donovan won in the Open -10 division
John Manning won in the Revolver division
Beth Devlin won in the Single Stack division

Here are the official 2018 Practical Pistol Champions

Double Stack Champion – Rich Goodrich
Open +10 Champion – Scott Cook
Open -10 Champion – Paul Donovan
Revolver Champion – John Manning
Single Stack Champion – Bob King

NRC Practical Dec 15 2018 Results By Stage

NRC Practical Pistol 2018 Championship Points

Great shooting everyone!

See you in April!