December Practical Pistol Results

The final results for Practical Pistol 2016 are in!

Rick Paiva is our Open +10 2016 Champion
Rob Beebe is the Double Stack 2016 Champion
Kevin Mathis is the Open -10 2016 Champion
Beth Devlin is the Single Stack 2016 Champion
Dan Bartholomew is the Revolver 2016 Champion

Congrats to all the winners!

Here is the stage breakdown from the last match.


Here is the final Championship standings for 2016.


See you in April!

November Practical Pistol Results

Here are the results of the November edition of Practical Pistol.

Open +10 and Overall = Scott Cook
Double Stack = Rob Beebe
Open -10 = Paul Donovan
Single Stack = Justin Clougher

Here are the stage breakouts:

We had an equipment failure in Stage 2 so it was scrapped from the match.


Here are the Championship Standings:

We have quite a battle going for 1st in Open -10 as well as 3rd place in Double Stack.


See you in December!

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