2016 Practical Pistol Tee Shirts For Sale

Practical Pistol Tee Shirts For Sale

Click the link, on the page that appears, click the blue buy button, pick your size and pay online.

Feel free to donate more money to the cause too!

The color is black, the sleeves are short. No there aren’t any other options, sorry!

The shirt will be delivered directly to you after August 10 2016.

See you at the next Practical Pistol match!


Sporting Rifle Match

This Sunday, April 17th at 10AM, the NRC is holding its monthly sporting rifle Match.
Any rifle, any sights.
Rifle must be capable of holding at least 4 rounds.
The match is a 3 position, 32 shot course of fire.
The NRC has rifles (M1 Garands,M1 Carbines and AR-15’s) for members to use on a first come first served basis.
The NRC has ammo for sale for the NRC rifles.
The shooting STARTS at 10am so get there by 9:30am to secure your spot on the line!
Remember you MUST be qualified on the outdoor range to participate!

Dr. Paul Houston Memorial Shoot

It’s that time of the year again!

The Dr. Paul Houston Memorial Shoot is back!

This Saturday April 16th from 11AM to 2PM
Open to all club members and guests as well as Tiverton Rod and Gun Club members
$20 entry fee ($10 reentry to shoot again) 18 and under $10 entry and $5 reentry
All entry fees go to the Newport Rifle Club Junior Rifle Team Scholarship Fund

There will be food too!

See the attached doc for more info

Dr Paul Houston Memorial Shoot

See you there!