About the NRC

The Newport Rifle Club is one of the oldest continuously operating gun clubs in the United States of America.

Our club offers a wide variety of shooting options, training and competition. From Bullseye Pistol to CMP high power rifle to muzzleloaders, shooters ranging from youngsters to seniors, from beginners to advanced can learn the basics or advance their skills to nationally and internationally ranked levels.

Our club has a 9 port 100-yard outdoor range with overhead safety baffles. The outdoor range is open from 9AM to sunset all year long. Guests may watch members on the outdoor range, but are prohibited from shooting or handling firearms.

The 50-foot indoor range has 8 ports and a HEPA filtration system for air purity. The indoor range is available to members and their guests 24x7x365.

The Newport Rifle Club offers numerous classes on firearms safety, introduction to firearms, gun care and cleaning and marksmanship. The NRC also hosts women only basic and advanced pistol safety courses. NRA certified instructors are available for 1-on-1 coaching.

We have muzzleloader, pistol and rifle marksmanship competitions within the club and The NRC participates in several statewide individual and team competitions and leagues.

The Newport Rifle Club Junior Team ranks among the most successful in the country. See the Junior Rifle Team page for more information.

The club was founded in 1876 by W. Milton Farrow, said to be the best rifle shot in America during the last quarter of the 19th Century. Winner of numerous long-distance competitions at home and abroad, Farrow authored a book, How I Became a Crack Shot and Hints to Beginners, which is still in print. He started Farrow Arms Co. to manufacture guns of his design, considered to be among the finest target rifles ever produced.