NRA Instruction

NRC Chief Instructor Robin Kasckow along with his associate instructors provide various levels of NRA Certifications that provide you with all of the skills and knowledge required for the safe and proper handling of firearms.

Newport Rifle Club hosts NRA training classes Spring and Fall, the Staff insists on the Summer off to enjoy.

Our most popular is the NRA Basic Pistol Class. This class is a full day of hands on work shops learning how safely handles all types of Pistols. The first part of the day is presentations and work shops where students learn how to safely handle firearms. We have great conversations over catered lunch by one of the Instructors.

After Lunch Students are paired with there own Private Instructor for range time, where students practice safe gun handling. While on the range students have the opportunity to shoot different firearms so that they can experience what is right for them.

The class concludes with Rhode Island laws concerning firearms Transportation, Maintenance, Selection, and a final exam.


Our Spring Schedule for the NRA Basic Pistol class

Ladies only Second Saturday in March (3/12/16)

Open to all Second Saturday in April (4/9/16)

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